Tribal Man

Since his childhood, Tribal Man has always hit on everything he can: table, chairs, walls etc. When he was 20 he began to do it professionnaly, behind a drumset, thanx to his good friend Philippe Floris.

Later, Tribal Man has played with Judge for nearly 17 years, in Studs (power trio with Arnaud Giroux), also with Jean-Jacques Milteau, Mauro Serri (SG Junior), Vincent Absil etc., as well as Les Chaises (Daran et les Chaises, Jane Birkin).

In addition, Gilles held the drums in Pick Up, behind Paul Personne, Amar Sundy, Patrick Verbeke, Wolfpack, Joe Sun, Adam Bomb, Didier Marty, Guitar Attitude, in La Grosse Impro on the Comedy Channel (in France) as well as in many smaller bands. He is also found in Fool Moon as a deluxe substitute.