Judge Fredd

Judge Fredd has played with Tribal Man for almost 17 years, in Studs (power trio with Arnaud Giroux), with Jean-Jacques Milteau, Mauro Serri (SG Junior), Vincent Absil etc., as well as Les Chaises (Daran et les Chaises, Jane Birkin).

Along with the stage, the Judge has been reviewing for more than 20 years, most of the electric guitar new gear (see his site), he regularly shoots video demos for various medias, designs gear himself (guitars, pedals, etc.) in collaboration with skilled luthiers and craftsmen under the brand “Judge Fredd Custom Works”. He’s also known for a workshop/master class, the Judge Fredd Tone Factory teachin how to shape the sound of the electric guitar which can be coupled with a Cour Supreme concert.

“I’m essentially a band guitar player, I’m not a virtuoso or a shredder but I know how to rock the place with a massive guitar sound, that’s what I like and that’s what I do best, so…”